About - Jason Brownlee
Volcanic Sunrise in the Land that Time Forgot

Visual artist and native of Bend Oregon, Jason Brownlee specializes in the arts of Graphic Design, Photography and Video Production. His work consists of highly stylized images that draw the viewer into a decisive moment in time while capturing their attention with unique, eye catching and pertinent imagery. The main objective of Jason's visual pursuits is to inspire others to appreciate, love and respect the outdoors and our wild places.

Jason produces a variety of media for clients both large and small, on local and international levels and has had the pleasure of having his work used by the following businesses and organizations - NASA, National Forest Foundation, Earth Science Picture of the Day, Spark R&D, U.S. Forest Service, OZ Snowboards, Patagonia, Space.com  Sheraton Hotels, The Nature Conservancy and AccuWeather among others.

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